New Airbus stickers getting rare!

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As you might have been noticed the latest issues of Airbus stickers became sold out very quick and obviously getting quite
rare. This development could be seen since November 2010 when i.e. the Turkish Airlines A330-300 and AirPhil Express
A320 stickers became sold out on the day they became available in the shop.

The reason is, that the process of ordering Airbus stickers for the Airbus shop in Hamburg (XFW) has been delegated to
another department, because of the retirement of the former buyer. But unfortunately the people now being in charge of the
order process do not put much interests in the collectors need.

Currently Airbus in Hamburg orders only 100 pcs. of each sticker and most probably they are sold out on the same day.

But there is more: Rumors said, that there are plans to raise the price for the stickers. It's easy to see that the stickers lost
their status within the company since a new generation is at the controls. Remember that Airbus stickers exists since the
1970's - almost 40 years!

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 13 July 2011 09:22 )