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Airbus Stickers: Lufthansa - Lufthansa A310 'Rad-Touristik'

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Airbus Stickers: Lufthansa
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AirBeluga No.: DLH31002
Airline: Lufthansa
Aircraft: A310-203
Frame: Silver
Background: Yellow
Upper Text, colour Lufthansa, black
Lower Text, colour (logo) A310, black
Issued by: Lufthansa
Issue Date (Not confirmed): 1982
Remarks: Very rare sticker! White wing. Additional text on background:"1. Rad-Touristikfahrt der Lufthansa von Frankfurt/Niederrad nach Seeheim und zurück 8.August 1982"
Sticker remembers Lufthansa's first Bicycle-tour from Frankfurt/Niederrad to Seeheim and back on Sep. 8th 1982.

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